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stair ladder

The ladder does it all - Telescopic ladder for stairs

stair ladder

ladder for steps and stairs

A ladder that can climb steps and stairs

Anything with a telescopic ladder

We have been for 28 years on the market

step ladder

1 Gold medal

2 Silber medal

telescopic ladder

Goedde-Ladders were awarded a gold medal and two silber medal at the inventor fair in Nurember and New York

No problems with uneven floors

Standing in seconds on each stair

The first stairway stepladder in the world

3 in 1 Step ladder and folding ladder


All in one ladder

Stands firmly everywehre

A ladder that can climb steps and stairs

A ladder with one thousand options

Goedde-Ladders with integrated telescopic legs are quickly erected and have a safe and firm stand

ladder for stairway

that clamp connection / rail / telescopic leg

imaged on the drawing are impacted. When adjusting the

length of each telescopic leg you should act as follows:


A) Turn the Stepladders from Gödde

Application instructions

Due to the possibility of each leg length adjustment,

this stepladder is suitable for steps and rough surface it

was specially developed for.


That is why it is important to save the stepladder legs

from pushes and blows and clean the telescopic legs

(telescopic extension) from pollution thoroughly, because

otherwise the legs may get stuck.

In case the telescopic legs flounder, it is necessary

to check whether they are not polluted and flywheel

(or a handle with a clamp connection) is turned off well.

If necessary, gently tap by your palm on the rubber

plugs for the legs, until the telescopic legs are shaken

(rubber washer).

In no case use force.

For the own benefit, the stepladder user shall observe

the following guidelines:



1. Watch carefully flywheel (A) counterclockwise until the

imaged clamp connection loosens. Move the telescopic

leg to the desired position and

Drawing A

B) tighten the flywheel using force (grooved disc (B)

shall then be flattened), up to the required rivet joint.

If a handle with a clamp connection is available, pull the

lever up (open), pull the lever down (close).

Drawing B

2. Adjust the stepladder in such a manner that all legs

 stand firmly, having set the fixturing struts. Axis of symmetry

of the stepladder should always be in the upright position.


3. Walk up the stepladder from the side, the distance between

the ground and the first tread of which is the least.


4. The last tread is the second tread from the top. If the

telescoping legs are moved forward, it is recommended to use

the auxiliary ladder upright for going up and down.


5. You should use the stepladder only in case all the structural

elements that affect its security are in perfect condition.

Immediately stop using the damaged stepladder.


Inspected for safety by the Technical Inspection Union


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