3 ladders in 1


Telescopic  stepladder

Step ladder with fall protection

Telescopic folding ladder

Step ladder, stair ladder and ladder. The ladder for stairs and uneven surfaces. Since 1984, the telescopic ladders of Gödde, produced in Germany


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telescopic ladder

3 ladders in 1

three ladders in one

Ladder for stairs, ladder for staircase, stepladder, staircase ladder, stairway stepladder

Awarded with 1 gold medal and 2 silver medals

ladder for stairs

Since 1984 there are telescopic ladders from Gödde

ladder for steps

awarded gold medal

three ladders in one




Folding ladder

Put a ladder on stairs. The first telescopic ladder in the world

A ladder that can climb steps and stairs

Gödde Telescope Ladders since 1984

15-year warranty on material, functionality and stability

Ladders with telescopic legs, the length of which can be adjusted continuously

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